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I am a Korean single traveller and photographer(..well,,,was..). I've been travelling over 25 countries for 15 years and still keep going. Love art, love music and love dark spirit but currently, yes!! I love money.


What is the motivation to travel to areas which associated with death and horror?

Hello, this is very first entry of this blog which I am going to use this during my dissetation for MA International Tourism Management in University of Greenwich. Well, it is really hard to start explaing to you why I choose this topic as you guys might not know about my past travel experience.

However, today, I just want to ask to my self once again, why did I travel to so many areas which were related with death and horror and what was the main reason to visit and what did I learn or where did I enjoy. I can answer to my self now, however, now it is the time to hear the answer from other travellers rather than myself.

so, Why, some travellers wish to visit some areas where associated with death?


  1. Yeon Sun, you have selected an excellent topic and I should say a courageous effort. As, we people from Asia are not quite familiar about the 'Easter Rising'. The flame was sparked on the Easter Monday of 1916 in Dublin. You know, sometimes, I am very much hurt when the freedom fighters are termed as 'Rebels' or 'Terrorists'. And I think, those peoples who need to learn the difference between these terms should visit those historic sites in Ireland. Politics, interfere of the other states and poor coordination with the local community are intertwined with this movement. Although, the duration was only five days, this lead to the autonomy of the Irish Republic. You are on Facebook, why not join the group:http://on.fb.me/hBthH0
    You can create a platform there, hopefully. Wish you all the best and please do not forget to inform me about your next journey to Ireland. Really, want to be a DARK TOURIST!!!

  2. Thank you Hassan. This is a great comment from you. yes, I know 'Easter rising' is hard topic to handle. I will visit some destinations in Dublin where 'Easter rising' occured as a tool of researching of visitors' motivation. It is actually a basic view of the Dark tourism but I might try to find out more than the dark (e,g, historical reason, patriotism or simply no reason - just visit...)

    p.s -I've checked my setting but I don't know why your name is not shown. you might leave comment before sign in??

  3. For the last question in your post, I think people fancy that place because of the exciting and sympathetic feeling! I think it's true to say that! Please let me know the result from your research to me too.

  4. in my opinion I think that people decide to visit " horror and dark" places just because they are attracted and fascinated from mysterious legends. Your dissertation topic is very interesting...let me know about your research. Good luck!!!

  5. I Yeon,
    Definitely your research topic is very interesting and the final conclusions and findings of your study, i'am sure that is going to be amazing :).
    Analyse the tourist motivations for visiting dark tourist sites is quite interesting because in a certain way it deals with the sensitive side of visitors.
    Dark tourism is not my favourite type of tourism because i' am very fussy and picky with this kind things ... but every time that I read something related to dark tourism sites, in my mind it makes me question what makes people feel attract by dark tourism sites? :)
    Good luck for your research :)
    And if possible update your finding in your blog